Jambo Africa caters for all occasions: small or big, private or public. Call us at 763-.208.1452 for graduations, weddings, birthdays, office parties and more.

Corporate Catering
If you want to offer your employees a memorable and enriching cultural experience as part of diversity appreciation or as a fun, unique and adventurous culinary experience, try Jambo Africa catering. Call Jambo Africa Restaurant at 763-561-0211 for details.

Party Trays
Got company and not in the mood to cook? Having an office party and tired of the same ol same ol? Try something different. Order your party trays from us. We deliver or you pick up.

A less expensive option to full - service catering. We deliver food and the customer is responsible for plates cups, silverware and whatever else is needed.

We provide warmers for $10 each. Staff fee is $20.00 each per hour.

***Please note, pricing is subject to change.

Goat Curry Pilau (Veggie)
Chicken Wings Plain Rice
Chicken Curry Collard Greens (Sukuma wiki)
Fried Chicken Quarters Coconut Curry Beans
Roasted Beef (Nyama Choma) Sauteed Curry Cabbage
Beef Curry Spinach (with Beef, Chicken, Turkey)
Beef Fry Collard Greens (with Beef, Chicken, Turkey)
Fried Tilapia Fish Potato Greens (with Beef, Chicken, Turkey)
Tilapia Fish in Gravy Okra (with Beef, Chicken, Turkey)
Tilapia in Coconut Curry Sauce All Liberian Veggies (without meat)
Baked Tilapia Pepper Soup (with Beef, Chicken, Turkey)
Boiled Plantain Ugali (tray of 12 and 24 pieces)
Fried Rice GB Soup
Jollof Rice Ox Tail

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