Jambo (Hello) Get out of the norm and go on an ethnic dining safari of authentic African appetizers, soups, entrees and desserts. At Jambo Africa Restaurant, we specialize in Kenyan and Liberian cuisine. Enjoy a meal from one of the two countries or mix and match to create an east-meets- west platter. If you are a coffee lover, ask for the world renowned Arabica coffee imported from Kenya. If coffee is not your cuppa tea, Kenya chai tea made with milk and spices may be your thing. Apart from being a destination for tasty African cuisine in Minnesota and the Midwest, Jambo Africa is also a center for experiencing African culture thousands of miles from the continent. We host African-themed events including live music, traditional drumming, dancing, book releases, poetry, story-telling and more. If you have previously visited Africa and are looking to rekindle your travel memories or are the adventurous type looking for a new ethnic dining experience, try Jambo Africa Restaurant. And, if you are an African far away from home, let Jambo Africa take you back home. We pride ourselves in preparing enjoyable African food, great customer service and a relaxing atmosphere with smooth African music in the background. We look forward to seeing you at Jambo Africa. Karibu (Welcome)!!! Simone Chambliss
Brooklyn Center
1601 Freeway Blvd
Brooklyn Center, MN